Update on CA Eviction Moratorium and Rent Relief Program

In California, the statewide eviction moratorium that was put into place due to COVID-19 is set to expire September 30th. While the eviction moratorium will be expiring soon, Gavin Newsom has put a new $5.2 billion program into place that will pay back 100% of rent for low-income renters, regardless of immigration status, who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants can receive 100% of rent owed from April 2020 and through September 2021.

The program, called Housing Is Key, provides financial assistance for rent and utilities to income-eligible members and their landlords who have been impacted. Both tenants and landlords can apply for this program. Renters must have been impacted by COVID-19, owe rent starting April 2020 or later, and make no more than 80% of their county’s local median income. This statewide program is now open and taking applications to help those that qualify with their rent and utilities for both past and future amounts owed. Both renters and property owners are urged to review their income eligibility and apply today at housing.ca.gov or by calling (833) 430-2122. This program, along with the soon-to-expire eviction moratorium, were both designed to keep families and individuals housed, shield tenants from eviction, and help both tenants and landlords recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Qualifying tenants and landlords alike should apply for the program as soon as they are able to. Funds are available until the money runs out. The rental assistance is not automatic; tenants and landlords must apply to get help. As previously mentioned, the statewide eviction moratorium expires on September 30th. This program is meant to support the recovery of the economy and ensure Californians can stay in their homes. Aside from the state government pushing the relief program, many city and county legislatures have created outreach programs to ensure that residents apply for the program. This outreach plan targets the most vulnerable members of the community, those who have not learned about the rental assistance program or have been unable to apply due to lack of technology or Internet access, disability, or other hardships. Efforts in this initiative will include but are not limited to digital and print outreach such as mailers, flyers, door hangers, social media promotion, and more.

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