Transportation Options to San Francisco From the Solano/Contra Costa Area

One of the major perks of living in the Solano and Contra Costa County Regions is its proximity to the city of San Francisco. From art displays and gourmet restaurants to historic landmarks like the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Twin Peaks, and Golden Gate Park, San Francisco is the perfect place for a weekend trip or an extended getaway. I’ve compiled a handy guide to transportation from some of the major suburbs in the North Bay area to San Francisco. This guide includes convenient public transit options as well as drive times if you plan to commute by car. 

  • Concord: The city of Concord lies 35 miles outside of San Francisco; this commute by car is typically about 30 minutes long. However, another transportation option is to take the Bart Yellow-S line. The BART journey between Concord and San Francisco is around 48 minutes and covers a 30 mile distance. The Concord to San Francisco subway service departs from Concord and arrives in Civic Center/UN Plaza. On average, this route runs 295 times weekly, though schedules can differ on the holidays, so it’s important to check subway times in advance. 
  • Benicia: While Benicia is a 42 minute drive from the city, there is no direct public transit connection from Benicia to San Francisco. However, you can take the bus to Walnut Creek BART, take the walk to Walnut Creek, then take the BART to Civic Center/UN Plaza. On average, about 63 services run weekly. 
  • Vallejo: The journey from Vallejo to San Francisco is one that can be taken via a ferry service! Typically, the ferry journey takes about an hour, and it covers a 22 mile distance. This ferry service departs from Vallejo Ferry Terminal and arrives in San Francisco Ferry Building Gate E. Around 86 ferries run weekly. Alternatively, one can take the Curtola Parkway and Napa bus to the El Cerrito Del Norte BART, which gets off at Civic Center/UN Plaza, or make the 38 minute drive from Vallejo into the city. 
  • American Canyon: The most efficient way to get from the city of American Canyon into San Francisco is by taking the line 29 bus to the Red-S line BART. This service departs from the American Canyon Post Office and arrives in Civic Center/UN Plaza. Additionally, one can also take the line 11 bus to the Vallejo to San Francisco ferry. If you wish to drive, the commute typically takes 45 minutes, covering a 37.2 mile distance. 
  • Vacaville: In order to travel from Vacaville to San Francisco, one would need to take the Blue line bus to the Yellow-S line BART. This is typically a 2 hour long trip that covers a distance of around 67 miles. The service departs from the Vacaville Transportation Center and arrives at Civic Center/UN Plaza. Alternatively, driving from Vacaville to San Francisco will take approximately an hour and cover 54.6 miles.
  • Fairfield: Amtrak offers a train service from Fairfield that connects to the BART station in Richmond. Passengers would take the Suisun-Fairfield Amtrak train to Richmond and get on the Red-S line BART, which stops at Civic Center/UN Plaza. Alternatively, one can take the bus to the Red-S line BART. The drive time from the city of Fairfield to San Francisco is around 52 minutes and covers a distance of approximately 46.7 miles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and that you keep these routes in mind when planning your next getaway to San Francisco! If you’re looking for more content regarding activities and entertainment in and around the North Bay area, keep up with my blog (link) or follow me on my social channels (links)! Additionally, if you’re looking to move to this region, shoot me a message and we can connect regarding your unique real estate needs!